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SwipeStudy webapp now runs on Android powered mobile phones
August 10th, 2010  by digibrown   |   2 Comments | Edit *   |  Add to My Favourites +

SwipeStudy webapp now runs as a browser web-app on Android powered mobile phones.

We’ve tested on a Samsung Galaxy S, please let us know if you’re particular brand of Android has any problems…


  1. simbeckhampson says:

    September 25th, 2010at 2:23 pm(#)

    Hi, just testing this on an HTC desire. The flashcards load but you cannot swipe trough to the next card. Click the card for answer moves the card and hides the red and green options… I’m using Android browser 2.1, is there a specific app for this, as I’m accessing this through the web?

    Nice work by the way :-)

  2. Swiper says:

    September 25th, 2010at 2:59 pm(#)

    Hi thanks for the feedback I’ll give it a try on a HTC Desire once I can get my hands on one. At the moment swipestudy is only available as a web-app available on a standard web-browser on your computer and smartphone. Making a native app for Android is next on the drawing-board.

    Check back soon with your HTC Desire and hopefully all will be fixed!