How-to Guide (iPhone and Web)

Instructions on how to use SwipeStudy, although we'd hope its pretty easy to figure it out yourself!
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Think, Touch, Swipe or Swipe

You can run a study on the iPhone or a web browser…the only difference is whether its via a mouse, the keyboard or a finger!

Keyboard shortcuts between [ square brackets ]

You will first be shown one side of the card Think of the answer and then touch the card [space bar] to reveal the other side.
If you were correct swipe the card left. [left arrow] Otherwise swipe the card right [right arrow], press Undo [u key] to get the card back.
Thats pretty much it …simple huh?!
You can also press the List button to view the cards in a list highlighting your right and wrong cards so far. Press the Menu button for more options such as card Shuffle, Restart or just test on your Error cards.

Run as an app from your iPhone home screen


  1. Anonymous says:

    April 21st, 2013at 10:12 am(#)

    Hi there,

    For some reason, all my flashcards were deleted around the last week of March, begining of April. My userid and password were not recognised. I had A lot of cards that I need to use and they are all gone! I recreated the same userid, email and password. Please restore my cards!

    Sheilah Bashford