Add SwipeStudy to your iPhone/Android home screen

When you find a study that you like, you can save it as an icon on your iPhone or android Home screen.
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SwipeStudy is a web-app rather than a native app that you would buy from the apple App store for example. A web-app is a really just a website that is smart enough to know it is being viewing from a smartphone and will reformat itself accordingly.

You can make SwipeStudy function exactly like a native app on your smartphone as follows:

On iPhone

When you find a study that you like, you can either bookmark it in the phone’s browser or you can put it front and center on your iPhone Home screen as an icon

Just open the particular Study on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the plus sign + at the bottom of the iPhone screen, and then tap Add to Home screen

  The SwipeStudy icon will be added to your Home screen automatically for easy, one-tap access.

On android

On Android it’s slightly more involved (and there’s two ways of doing it) :

Method 1

  • Bookmark the page you want to add to a home screen
  • Go to the home screen you want to add the link to
    long-press in an empty space to bring up the “Add to Home Screen” menu
  • select “Shortcuts”
  • select “Bookmark”
  • choose your bookmark!

or Method 2

  • Bookmark the page you want to add to a Home screen
  • Open the browser “bookmarks” screen
  • Long-press the bookmark you want
  • Select “Add to Home screen”


  1. Swiper says:

    June 29th, 2010at 10:41 am(#)

    SwipeStudy will now work offline, so you can use it when you’re in the subway or on a plane! Just add it to your homescreen (as described above) or make a bookmark in Safari.

  2. Anonymous says:

    April 25th, 2013at 3:57 am(#)

    I suppose it will work on my #Chromebook? #swipestudy